The Crucial Touch

The Crucial Touch

Last: 1122 Last
Last type: E-medium
Leather: Graziat Venus | A-French Calf | Milan tanning | Zero pollution
Lining : Dutch calfskin
Construction:Goodyear | Brogue | Cap toe
Sizes: 40 ~ 45 EU
Production: Graziat Patina
Certificate: Italy ICEC
Services: Free Lifetime Maintenance | Color Changing Services
Customised Service:
Graziat Taiwan
AM 11:00 ~ PM 19:00
No.177, Jiaxing St., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan



1122 Last

By cutting the extra spaces, focus on the strong footwear cover, so that the foot looks more


Laser leather cutting, more precise than imprinting.
Carved edges are engraved with serrated patterns,
so that the three-dimensional sense of footwear is more intense.



We use hand-stitched Goodyear welt with and awl,
it’s more solid and more vitality than machines.
Hand-stitched lines are oil waxed to protect the -stitched lines
from damage and fill the threading hole gaps to be less influent.

The Magic of Comfort

The Magic of Comfort

In the complicated process during the production, one is to combine an upper, insole and outsole.

With decades of experience in footwear, the old master will use a mysterious wine bottle filled with a mysterious blend of soft wood filler and special glue. He coats the inside of the sole as midsole, which will vary the wearer’s foot and walking habits changing in memory, the longer it’s worn, the more comfortable it will be.

Endurable and better styling iron cores, also designed the keel shape to make the footwear more layer effects.

Outsole & Heel

Outsole & Heel

The outsole we choose Italian tanneries with French cowhide embryo with abundant oil, due to the dry climate, cattle have less perspiration thus the pores would be more detailed.
In addition, the area is also less pests, it is also less scar leather surface.
Due to less perspiration, the pores can be detailed.
Also, the climate has fewer pests, the less surface damage to the leather.
In addition to cow have richer fat content, it’s harder to be deformed,
fiber layer is also thicker, tighter and hard to crack.
After four weeks of natural solution soaking in Italy,
the leather will be beige tone (Connoisseurs would call it Italian).
It can maintain the leather without being oxidized longer.

Graziat selected the solid part from thousands to make the heel leather to be outsole, by 3 / 3.5 cm strict standards and multi-layer stacks.
Not only to enrich visual levels, but more durable, this ensures the protection of the foot during walking; while in contact with the hard stone pavement, the feedback strength is balanced and makes people feel secure.


Venus Leather dyeing process is the core secret of Graziat,
like the mysterious old alchemist should balance of the soul,
skill and the respect of nature.
Graziat finds the rare natural oil to season the perfect proportions,
which makes Venus Leather fully absorb the mysterious dyeing continuously.
The dye gradually penetrates into Venus Leather fibers from the inside,
makes the leather exudes a jade-like luster, and with years of usage,
its light will become brighter.

ICEC Certification

ICEC Certification

What is “ICEC certification”?

ICEC is the world’s only one high-end leather certification Institution, known as its strict certification standards and in Europe is a high reputation, nowadays become the highest certification leader,
it was established in 1994.

Initially, members of the ICEC are from the Italian Footwear Association and economic development association, by the promotion of the Italian tanneries, today, it has become a test indicators for collectors.

The Venus Leather is one of the certificated by ICEC.

The Taste

The Taste

The study of foot contour helps we accurately improve the comfort of shoes, the human heel is quite arc,
while walking it shares the gravitation and do the muscle flexing,
it depends on whether or not a great foot covering, and still gracefully maintaining the streamline.

Covering feeling is a great comfort experience, which includes the foot width, circumference and the curvature of the foot neck, through observing,
we got the details and the best conclusion.

The pursuit of aesthetics and comfort are all the Graziat footwear common values.